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  • What is Ares?

    This bundle is a peer-to-peer program that allows users to download and share files with one another. Although it has been primarily designed to send and receive music files, other types of media are supported.

  • Can I download Ares for free?

    This program is an open-source project. In other words, users will not have to pay to download the architecture. Once it is activated, it is possible to access groups which share music and similar types of files at no charge.

  • Are there any viruses or other threats associated with Ares?

    The package has been developed and tested by experts. In addition, previous upgrades have addressed vulnerabilities. Another interesting feature is that this software is equipped with a virus filter that is intended to detect any infected files before they are downloaded onto an operating system.

  • Is Ares available for Mac users?

    This P2P program has been developed for personal computers as opposed to Mac users. However, there are many other file-sharing packages available to those who are looking for a similar alternative.

  • Can I use Ares with a smartphone?

    Unfortunately, there is currently no variant of Ares designated to be used with mobile phones. It is unknown whether the developers eventually plan to release a version which can be used together with Android operating systems.

  • Is it legal to download files with Ares?

    This program is similar to other P2P systems such as eMule and BitTorrent. Although downloading copyrighted or regionally restricted files may be illegal in reference to certain jurisdictions, Ares itself is completely legal to install within an operating system.

  • Will I enjoy fast download speeds with Ares?

    One of the benefits which many users have observed is that the download speeds associated with this P2P server are some of the best in the industry. We should still note that this is dependant upon your Internet connection as well as how many torrents are available at any given time.

  • What changes are associated with the latest version of Ares?

    The last updates apparently occurred in 2014. These were primarily intended to work in conjunction with other major third-party Internet portals. For instance, this bundle is now able to support the protocols associated with BitTorrent as well as online Shoutcast digital radio stations.

  • Can I download files from multiple sources with Ares?

    Much like any P2P server, it is always possible for the user to access multiple download sources at any given time. This helps to massively improve the overall speed of the system and in the event that one source is no longer available, the others will make up for potentially lost transfer rates.

  • Can I play downloaded media files with Ares?

    You have the ability to play any music files obtained with the program. In some ways, it essentially doubles as a basic media player. However, please note that its functions are limited and not all file types are currently supported. You are also able to listen to music while a separate file is uploading.